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24 June 2024

Lleida.net reports 9% sales increase in early 2024, totalling €7.93 Million

Madrid, 24 June - Lleida.net (OTCQX: LLEIF) (BME: LLN) (EPA: ALLLN) has announced a strong sales performance for the first five months of 2024, reaching €7.93 million, which marks a 9% increase compared to the €7.24 million recorded by May 2023.

From January to May 2024, the company’s gross margin rose to €4.22 million, slightly higher than the same period in 2023.

As of 31st May 2024, EBITDA stood at €1.165 million, an extraordinary 396% increase from the €235,000 reported during the first five months of the previous year.

Operating Income at the end of May amounted to €296,000, reflecting a 148% improvement compared to the same period last year.

Furthermore, Pre-tax Profit reached €198,000, a significant turnaround from the €666,000 loss reported at the same point in the previous year.

These promising results stem from the successful execution of the Comprehensive Recovery Plan, which the company announced last November following several quarters of losses.

The Recovery Plan, which included staff reductions, subsidiary cuts, and a strategic pivot to a new production model, is designed to ensure a swift return to profitability and a reduction in net financial debt.

Towards the end of last year, Lleida.net announced measures to “restore positive cash flow from early 2024,” a goal that is currently being met.

“We have begun 2024 on a strong footing, and these results illustrate that the tough decisions we made late last year are enabling us to return to profitability and enhance the company’s value,” stated Sisco Sapena, CEO of Lleida.net.

In the first five months of the year, four of the company’s five business lines experienced an increase in sales.

Notably, the registered electronic notification line grew by 24% to €869,000, while the SMS Wholesale line saw a 25% increase, exceeding €3 million.

Founded in 1995, Lleida.net has been listed on five international stock exchanges since 2015. The company holds a total of 310 patents across more than 60 countries for its innovations in registered electronic signature, notification, and contracting