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31 January 2024

Lleida.net strengthens Collaboration with Ibercaja in the Management of Debit Balance Notifications

Madrid, 31 January- Spanish technology company Lleida.net (BME:LLN; EPA:ALLLN), a leader in registered electronic contracting and notification services, has signed an agreement to extend its contract with Ibercaja for the management of debit balance notifications on cards, accounts and loans.

This extension, which began to be implemented in December, marks a significant step in the bank's digitalisation strategy and further consolidates Lleida.net's position in the banking sector. The contract, which is open-ended, was originally launched in June 2020, with reliable communications relating to accounts, and has now been extended to loans and cards.

Since then, Ibercaja has been using Lleida.net's proprietary text message certification systems to automatically notify its customers of negative account balances, facilitating the bank's interaction with its customers, generating evidence of the communications made and minimising the risks associated with online fraud.

Lleida.net's certification processes are especially useful for the banking sector, as they immediately and automatically generate the necessary evidence of the notification of debit balances, so that these can be solved more efficiently, with the maximum guarantee of integrity throughout the 5 years of custody of the evidence.

Since the pandemic, one of the sectors that has been quickest to adapt its registered electronic notification systems is banking, which is in the midst of a process of digital transformation and in search of suitable solutions to optimise its processes and improve costs.

Ibercaja is one of the largest Spanish banking groups, with two million customers throughout the country, 893 branches, 4,914 employees and a turnover of 97,909 million euros.

It has its own financial group (investment funds, pension plans, savings and risk insurance) and is firmly committed to helping and adding value to its customers. Professionalism, proximity and social and territorial commitment are some of the distinguishing features of the Institution. Ibercaja is firmly committed to sustainability and integrates it into its financial activity, accompanying its customers with sustainable products and services, assuming the commitment to be carbon neutral by 2050, and incorporating environmental, social and governance factors in risk management.

Lleida.net, founded in 1995, is one of the leaders in the registered e-signature, e-notification and e-contracting industry. The company has accumulated a total of 306 patents in more than 60 countries for its innovations in the field of registered e-signatures, e-notification and e-procurement.

The company is listed on several stock exchanges, including BME Growth in Madrid since 2015, Euronext Growth in Paris since 2018 and OTCQX in New York since 2020."