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16 November 2023

Lleida.net CEO to discuss global eSignature Ttrends at ESRA Panel

Phoenix, Arizona - November 15, 2023.- Sisco Sapena, the CEO of Lleida.net, a Spanish-listed company (BME:LLN) (EPA:ALLLN) (OTCQX:LLEIF), is set to take part in a panel discussion on International eSignature Adoption at the upcoming Electronic Signature & Records Association (ESRA) Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, scheduled for November 16, 2023.

His participation alongside industry experts Margo Tank and David Whitaker from DLA Piper will specifically delve into the future trends of electronic signatures, focusing on both Europe and the global landscape.

The ESRA panel aims to engage in critical discussions regarding the adoption of international eSignatures, concentrating on the evolving trends in Europe. This platform underscores Lleida.net's significant role in shaping the global electronic signature domain. Sapena's insights are eagerly anticipated, providing valuable perspectives on Europe's projected advancements in electronic signatures and trust service digitisation.

Sapena remarked, 'This U.S. platform is an esteemed recognition of our international influence in registered electronic signatures, notifications, and contracting, emphasising the importance of discussing the future landscape of digital transactions.'

The corporation's leadership foresees a substantial transformation in electronic signatures and trust services in the forthcoming years. Anticipating a deeper integration of these solutions across diverse industries, particularly within Europe, they envision a more secure and streamlined digital landscape. This evolution stands poised to revolutionise operational frameworks, promising a more seamless and trustworthy digital experience for businesses and individuals.

Established in 1995, Lleida.net made its presence felt in the stock market, initiating offerings in Madrid in 2015. Subsequently, it achieved dual listings on Euronext Growth Paris in 2018 and OTC Markets in New York in 2020, underscoring the company's leadership and global presence in the industry