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30 August 2023

Lleida.net obtains European patent on its method for registering content in blockchain transactions

Madrid, August 30.- Spanish-listed company Lleida.net (OTC.US) (ALLLN.PA) (LLN.MA) has been granted a European patent for its Method for Certifying the Content of Blockchain Transactions.

The recognition is valid for 20 years and bears the number EP3761207, which the European Patent Office grants. The patent covers one of the main problems of blockchain networks and the blockchain industry: the reliability of content entered into the network.

The granting of this patent will allow the company to generate additional revenue in the SaaS segment, estimated in the order of €30 million. The method offers a way to immutably record messaging data in a blockchain ledger for traceability and trust purposes. Its innovation combines the layer of trustworthiness that blockchain brings to events, transactions and actors involved in electronic certification.

In this way, you also have extra security using the latest generation technology, obtaining a more solid certificate of proven validity and immutable traceability.

The trusted entity, in this case, Lleida.net, acts as a bridge between the certification system and the blockchain. As an inherently trusted party, it can feed real-world data into smart contracts on the blockchain network.

This allows smart contracts to access and record external data, such as message transmission details. The result is a transparent, tamper-proof record of messaging activity that can be queried through the blockchain.

"The new method provides a new way to certify communications using the security and decentralisation of blockchain technology and build trust in the new economy. The granting of this patent has been a great job by our entire team and is a step forward in our internationalisation strategy," explained Sisco Sapena, CEO of the company.

Lleida.net is the leading European electronic signature, notification and contracting company. It has been listed on BME Growth in Madrid since 2015, Euronext Growth in Paris since 2018, and OTCQX in New York since 2020.

The concession, valid for 20 years, brings to 302 the number of patents worldwide received by the listed company on its certification and notification methods and digital tokens in electronic contracting and notifications. Lleida.net's growth strategy in the electronic signature, notification and contracting market in the countries in it is already present, and those it plans to be in the future include a solid growth policy in intellectual property and R&D and a reinforcement of its internationalisation policy.